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220 Inch Inflatable Movie Screen

220 Inch Inflatable Movie Screen

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This movie screen features a 220 inch diagonal view. Standing at over 16ft tall it is very impressive and perfect for backyards or large community movie nights.

Backyard Bouncers is proud to offer inflatable movie screen rentals!

Outdoor movies are one of our passions. My family and I take advantage of a free evening when one comes along. My kids love watching movies in our backyard and we enjoy the relaxation of not having to drive back home when the movie is over!  

Fun Fact! What does it cost a family of six to go to the movies?

According to wiki answers the average family of six will spend $120.00 per visit to the movie theater and that includes popcorn and a drink for each person. Imagine taking 20 of your kids friends to the movies for their birthday party… That will cost you $400 just for the kids and you will have to have a couple chaperones for that many kids.

What are my options?
If you decide you would like to have a movie theme or drive in movie theme birthday party in the comfort of your backyard where there is no one rushing you then Backyard Bouncers have you covered! We offer several different options for you to choose from so there is something to fit every budget. From smaller intimate 120 inch screens up too 220 inch movie screen, we even have a Bounce House Movie Screen Combo. You can rent it with everything you need or just the screen if you have your own A.V. equipment. If you have any questions about Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals then give us a call at……… 865-566-5867 or  send us a email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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